So it has finally happened…

After having restarted my computer twice, three cups of coffee and seven tantrums thanks to the appalling Chinese internet, a joint effort between me and cyber- space resulted in the birth of a new blog. This is where I will let you in on the low- down on life as a Swedish exchange student in one of the biggest metropolises on the planet. As I found myself spending quite a lot of time writing the same e-mail to different people back home and in various places around the world, I figured that this might be a good medium to communicate more efficiently.

More details will follow shortly; now: dinner in the cafeteria followed by yoga- class (!, #newchineselife) and birthday- party for Stine in Wudaoko.


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2 Responses to So it has finally happened…

  1. Maja, Jenna and Alannah says:

    Group rofl-copter at the comedic value of the yoga #newchineselife comment!

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