A hard blow for the CUPL student body

Grrrrrrrrrrrand. after coming home from another hysterical antic in Tienjin last night, I was informed that our already very limited access to the showers had been reduced to 4 p.m.- 9 p.m. every day. What’s up with that?! The planning SUCKS as this means that you can neither get a proper evening/ night- shower, nor a morning shower. Imagine the t-t-t-tasty feeling when you’ve just come home from the club, reeking of smoke (as you do here), realizing that you need to go to bed disgusting and continue to be disgusting well into the next day. Screw it! I’m now fully resorting to the infamous bucket- showers.

The bucket- shower is a concept coined by the international community here at CUPL during the desperate times of first week, when there were no showers at all. It entails shamelessly walking into the communal, enormous bathrooms/ toilets in your underwear, mixing boiling water with ice- cold water (as the taps only have cold water) until you get the right temperature, and having a field- day with your bucket right on the tiled floor. Pretty effective, although undeniably quite awkward. I illucidate with a pertinent reference to the unforgettable 90s/ early 2000s- movie Coyote Ugly:

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