Since this weekend, I have…

– Kicked off an international polo-tournament, in the company of 20 amigos posing as Scotsmen. Nationalities represented in the troupe: ~15. Scotsmen: 0.

– Been filmed on national television, not wearing underwear.

– Earned money corresponding to a months salary in the Art District.

– Seen fraud happen.

– Realized that everything is fake in China. (Opening ceremony of the international polo-tournament meant a bombastic opera- performance which was… lip-synched. + Our troupe of 10 pipers and 10 drummers where two really played the bag-pipes. The other eight had fake bagpipes which didn’t produce a sound. But hey, at least it looked good!)

– Been a part of something which – I guess- is the closest thing to a lynch- mob I’ll ever know, when the boss shamelessly tried to steal 9.500 Yuan from us, on the most frivolous pretexts.

– a new appreciation for polo, and…

– realized that I could probably stay and live in Beijing for a long, long time.

Now: Lama- temple with Emelie, Gustav (who’s visiting from Belgium), Jesper (Bålis) and Richard who are visiting from Singapore!

Sayonara, pung you!

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