Why it’s impossible to be studious and live in corridor C-17…

Since a couple of weeks back, I have noticed a trend. Or maybe, it’s not so much a trend as a way of life.

I have wondered how it could be that I – along with quite a few friends- haven’t opened our books at all since coming to China. Now, sitting here with an Air Law presentation which is due in a couple of days, the angst of procrastination from the golden years of high school reminds me that the reason why I didn’t go to Inner Mongolia this week was that “I should study” and root properly in Beijing… Riiiiight.

Anyway, I have come to realize that the total absence of academic work stems from a few factors which, in turn, all trace back to the accommodation situation which is spelled: CORRIDOR C- 17.

Corridor C-17 is where Cheng Fa Da Xue (CUPL) has placed- pretty much- all international guys. About half are doing law; the other half is doing Chinese language. Among these two groups, there are some subdivisions:

Team Germany, for example, can’t accredit the majority of the work they are doing here. Result: Party- bonanza in Wudaokou four times a week.

Then, we have the Kazakh-maffia who does fuck all. Literally, they don’t do anything but blast Eurotechno at all hours of the day and play computer games. Their standard form of sustenance is home delivery from Macdonald’s at 03.00 a.m. Why leave the dorm building when you technically don’t have to? When they ran out of electricity, they bought extension- cords and hijacked electricity from the bathroom at the end of the corridor. That’s how the Kazakh-maffia rolls. I suspect they are here for Chinese Language, but nobody really knows… They are usually quite friendly, though, and Swedish Axel has successfully infiltrated their lair.

Furthermore, Room C1704 is not to be underestimated when it comes to creating loop-holes in your study regime. This is where the party- planners Shan and Riadh reside. Generally speaking, they are the ring- leaders of the roof- top parties which occurr pretty much every week here. I endorse.

The result of having half of the people do law and the other half Chinese, is that there is always a party and people to… not study with…

And to top it all off, living with the wonderfully laid- back Cyril inevitably makes you consider a Cuba Libre at 1 a.m as an innocent way of chit-chatting, only for a while. Yesterday, we made the decision not to go out. Now, it’s 2.45 p.m. the day after and the C is fast asleep. Apparently, his record is 19 h of sleep in one go. That’s quite an accomplishment. Mazel Tov.

However, on a more serious note, an actual major hindrance to conducting any work whatsoever is the uselessness of the Chinese internet. The one thing that you can count on is that it is completely shut down between 21- 00:00. The rest of the time, it’s very shaky and slips in and out of connection. When at a university which does not hand out paper copies of ANYTHING, you are heavily dependent on access to databases et.c.,. When that does not work, I’m thinking: “that’s karma, suckers.”

Alright, foos! Time for me to stop pretending like I’m doing something useful and get started on that presentation. Will probs get a hair cut first, though :S Take it sleazy and stay disco.

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