So the toughest week in a long time has come to an end.

The minimum 3000 – word essay for ‘Introduction to Chinese Law’ was successfully completed and handed in on Friday. But it was a rough road. The entire week saw the international students despairing over the impossibility of finding sources due to the worthlessness of Chinese internet and the obstinate school- staff who –inexplicably- denies us entrance to the library unless we go through a two-day process of setting up… ‘an account’. HOW ABOUT JUST LETTING STUDENTS (with student Id’s, mind you) READ YOUR FREAKING BOOKS?! I kind of thought that was the general idea with school/ university… But nope, that would obviously over-throw world order…
My topic was ‘A commentary on the People’s Congress System’, which I actually enjoyed a fair bit. However, when my computer got possessed by evil spirits and erased a whole day’s work (on both the USB and the computer file…), enjoyment was nowhere to be found anymore. Being the star he is, Marco P showed support by bringing me an oreo- McFlurry in my deepest moment of despair over the lost files, which was instrumental in completing the assignment. Pressing on, I managed to make up for the loss pretty efficiently and all I had to do on Friday was to proofread the essay and submit it.
The thought struck me, how one whined over having to write a 4000 word extended essay in the IB, whereas nowadays, one whips out a 3000- word essay in a couple of days in law school.
Alongside uni, I’ve juggled work as an English- tutor at a school in Jinsong. For now, I have three students aged 9-12 whom I tutor a couple of hours on Saturdays and Sundays. Signing up for the job, I didn’t quite realize that it would occupy my weekends, but I’m thinking I’ll do it for a while and simply quit if I find it too strenuous. I feel that I need to take advantage of the fact that there are so many opportunities here, whereas Europe feels sluggish for young people in comparison.
Also, I got the message that a member of the extended family passed away after a long struggle against cancer. It’s a very complex situation which I won’t write about here, and there is no question that life was unsustainable for her, but it is still quite overwhelming to hear that kind of news. My deepest condolences to her grandchildren and immediate family.
And, as the icing on the cake, I’ve caught the flu. I don’t understand where I got it from since no one around me is ill, but after spending 18h in bed today and confirming the fact that I have a pretty massive fever, there is no denying it. Thankfully, my roomies are the bestest and supply me with tea, fruit, chocolate and appreciated care. XIE-XIE.

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