24 solar spins and Jennifer freaking Lopezzzzzz

So, a couple of weekends ago, during a lunch break from my teaching job, I went out in the streets and bought a GQ magazine (200 pages, 20 yuan= :D). Flipping through it, I saw a huge ad for Jennifer Lopez’s first ever concert in China. I noticed it was on by birthday (24th of Nov) and I thought…. “Hmmmm”. So I recruited some musketeers for this mission and here we are: 14 Cheng Fa students packed and ready to go. Did I mention that the concert will be in Shanghai?

Sitting here in Constitutional Law- class sorting out some last minute affairs before the evening’s big schlep to Shanghai. 14 hours on hard sleeper require some hardcore intellectual stimulation in the form of UNO et.c. But hey, what does not one do for J.Lo? I am WELL excited about the whole thing! I’m especially looking forward to further exploring Shanghai, now that I’m practically ching chong- Chinese, and to see Dale Hickey- kindred spirit to my sister and honorable participant of the Kvistmas celebrations last year.

Cloud in the sky though: lecturer from hell announced yesterday that we have to hold a presentation on Foreign Trade Law on the same day we are coming back from Shanghai. Great. This is particularly peachy since total chaos reigns in that class: we never know what the requirements are (they change pretty much every week), or even how many credits we will get out of it. Oh, and he thinks he knows Swedish culture+ history + society much better than Emelie and I (and therefore thinks it’s OK to scream at the entrire class about how dumb we are, and how smart he is), and he hates women. Nice guy. Every Wednesday= agony.

Oh well, I just wanted to post an update and let you know I’m alive since Facebook is completely down nowadays. Take care and… dance again!

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