Four Individual Reasons to love the Chinese People

1) Tom’s, Marco’s and my real estate agent’s name is Rainbow. Not a nick-name, not a taken English name; her name is actually Rainbow.

2) When I first met a PhD- student who lives in my corridor, this was his introduction: ‘My English name is Alan. But you can call me Panda.’

3) When I went to the technical supply- section of Carrefour, I purchased my SD- card (ahh SD-kaaaah!), got my change back and a receipt. Despite being done with my business, I could see the cashier, a young and energetic looking fellow, still being five seconds away from exploding with excitement. Yeees? I asked. Then came the spit- fire of questions: How old are you? Why are you in China? Where are you from? Do you like China? I hope you like China! How tall are you? Are you considered tall in your country?

4) When they are out and about in clubs, and have had one or two beers too many, they dance like this:


Happy Chinese New Year!

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