My Korean metamorphosis (Kthanxbye, Hollywood)

There has been a feeling growing inside me since I came back from Korea: I just can’t shake the memory of the best-looking, best- dressed, most energetic and creative people I have seen around the globe. I felt a love for the Korean people spiring when I was there, but it is not until now that I realized what I actually found in that remarkable country. Looking back, I can’t think of a single thing about the culture which I didn’t love. I loved the people’s attitude toward life, the food, the music, the architecture- the lot. I loved Seoul and I particularly loved Hongdae which never seems to sleep (a stark contrast to Beijing), but is always alive with the warmest and most creative atmosphere I have seen in any big city. One thing, though, which transcends all other impressions from Seoul is their relationship to one of my life-long passions: fashion.
Seoul- inhabitants breathe, eat, sleep, drink and live fashion every moment of every day. It’s not only a status- indicator, but first and foremost the best way of expressing personality and appreciation of art. I remember seeing people do incredible stuff with their clothing and thinking ‘this is genius, why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?’. I especially appreciated how they played with norms and didn’t give a flying F of what was expected of their gender. And they did it so well! As a colleague put it today: Korea is sexy.

All this reaches its epitome in a new-found love of mine (which I share in equal measures with roomie Tom): K-pop. Watching these videos, Hollywood suddenly became very boring. I started dancing after watching music videos on TV and Youtube, I learned English before I can remember from American pop-songs. But now; I gotta say, I’m a bit over it! Korea does it harder, better, faster, stronger (and with more swagger!). Ali runs a profitable blog about Korean boy-bands. When I asked her how she can have that much to write about, she responded that they work 365 days a year. Yah, you don’t say!

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