To work where I work

So, today, old high school- mate Adam Sarac and I celebrated our one week anniversary as migration assistants at the Embassy.
I have always been interested in working internationally, and this experience is turning out to be exactly what I hoped for. A week into the game, I definitely feel like I’m getting quite comfortable with what is expected of me; the nervousness has diminished considerably and I can now comfortably focus on what needs to be done instead of how it’s supposed to be done. I’m quite happy with the tasks at hand, but the real excitement of the job comes with the environment. The colleagues are grand (my supervisors are golden), the atmosphere is much more cordial than I had expected and the afterworks in fashionable Sanlitun are grrrrand . It’s not uncommon for me to leave home at around 7.30 a.m and come home around 8.30 p.m. and I haven’t slept more than 6 h/ night since I started, but hey, if that comes with having lunch with the ambassador and chatting with the first secretary over a beer at the end of the day, then sign me up pronto.
Studying is awesome, really (a dude who spent ~18 years doing it should know), but it isn’t really like living in the real world. It’s some sort of parallel universe. Now, I go to work with 20 million other, very real, beijingers every morning to earn my ca$$$h of which I splurge a considerable portion on drinks and tailors in the weekend. It’s a nice life.
Yesterday, I swung myself off the subway, was hungry so I called Tom & Marco and quickly arranged dinner plans at Helen’s. Met up with the boys at the place 15 min later. We had dinner and beer with the restaurant doors wide open to the mild spring evening outside (seriously, why don’t we go to Helen’s more often?). Shannon swung by, joined us for drinks and told us about her day at the office and her upcoming business trip the next day. Then and there, I felt like I had found something here which could make me stay long, long time. Everything is just easy here: you want to eat out, you decide a place and meet up 10 min later and it costs you ~35 yuan. I can live with that. (But no worries, I’m coming back to Lund for autumn term.)

Another thing which I freaking adore about working at the embassy is the fact that it is a little Swedish oasis in the middle of humongous China (and trust me, when it comes to work, this is appreciated- especially the Swedish uncensored internet). The other day, I was so overwhealmed by the Swedishness of the office that I almost took a sip of water from the tap. Then I remembered where I was and obviously refrained.

It will be a sweet 4.5 months!

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