Your love is my scripture

A month passed and so many things happened which I didn’t really feel the need to report; they just had to happen. I got into a pretty effective work- routine which involved me going to bed at freakishly uncharacteristic hours; I went to work in the morning, had dinner with friends in the evening and time just passed.
But now, I feel like everything caught up with me. I find myself rather overwhealmed by the reality of everything changing in the upcoming weeks: the majority of my social circle from university is packing their bags and getting ready to go home while I stay for two months more; the lease on this marvellous apartment, where I have spent 5 terriffic months with Marco and Tom expires on Sunday; I will move back to Da Xue for one week and then move in with Oliver from the embassy for the last two months. I will, for the first time in Beijing not be based in Haidian- district (which I love), but in Chaoyang with all the business people.
All the while, I’m slowly facing the reality of going back to the motherland at the end of August to wrap up my degree. My last day of work is on the 30th of Aug. 20 h later, I’ll be on a direct flight to Copenhagen. 1.5 day after touch-down I’ll start autumn term in Lund, where none of my personal belongings are anymore. I’m very conflicted about coming home. Certain things will be absolutely lovely: tap-water which you can drink, being able to communicate in a normal way, decent internet, MOM’S APPLE PIE!!!!! et.c. But certain things will be extremely hard to let go of, and everything will be so inexplicably small after this. I share this city with more than double the population of my entire country. Gosh. Let’s not think about that now…

At any rate, I have found something in Asia which I’m madly in love with, and I have already thought about moving back after graduation. Possibly not to Beijing, but easily Taipei, Tokyo or <3Seoul<3. It's easy to see: I've got a bad case of the yellow fever!

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