Spotted: a water fountain- show taking place smack in the middle of The Village and a group of 20- or- so kids frollicking about in the water as the sun was blazing down on the 37 degree-hot streets of Beijing. I thought “well done, Beijing, this is a very nice idea for the summer!”. Then, all of a sudden, I see one of the boys whip out his Mr. Happy and start to urinate in the fountain! Startled, I looked around to see if any of the parents would intervene and sort out the situation. No. Not a hint of responsibility in any of the parents’ eyes. None of the other kids seemed to mind, though, and I had to conclude that it is still a mystery to me what is appropriate in this country and what is not.
Nudity is very much censored in the media, but all the while, the Chinese are the most loose people ever when it comes to 1) Defecating in public 2) having children urinate everywhere and anywhere 3) Communal showers, where the male participants happily give each other back-rubs and scrubs in their birthday suits for everyone to see and *drumroll* 4) the Chinese roll, where men roll up their shirts to let the old belly hang loose for ventilation purposes.
It does not take you more than a day in Beijing to spot some kind of genitalia/ naked ass, so my thought is that the people could handle some nudity on TV just as well as they handle it every day in the streets, honorable Mr. Premiers!

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