The last thing I will write on the subject of public urination

Incredible day in the Old Summer Palace last Saturday with Kevin and Shannon. One could hardly believe the summerday perfection which came with the lazy intake of wine, cheese, good tunes and spectacular weather on those extensive lawns next to the lotus- packed lakes.

Walking through the spectacular park (whose intriguing destiny you can read about here: we eventually came to the ruins. We saw majestic remnants of roman pillars, fountains, palaces and pavilions. And then, a kid with his pants down, peeing on top of the RUINS OF THE OLD MOTHER- FUCKING SUMMER PALACE!!!!! 1 meter behind him stood his mama, not minding what went on. This time I couldn’t keep it in me. I stared, my jaw dropped, I pointed and stuttered. It was like someone peeing on Versailles.

Seeing as I have had quite a few mind-boggling encounters with children’s urination lately, I had to turn to Kevin (born in Inner Mongolia, but with Han-Chinese ancestry) and ask if he peed on cultural relics as a child. Would it be acceptable for him to pee on the Summer Palace? The Forbidden City? Would it have been condoned?
His answer was short, but reassuring:


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