Swingin’ in the backyard, pull up in your fast car (A reunion sweet)

Well I’ll be darned! I’m going back to Asia!

Six months passed, and let’s be honest, they weren’t the kewlest ones. Sure, there were highlights: the leverpastejsmacka was awesome and it was swell to drink tap- water and breathe breatheable air and all that, but the memory of the pulse of 10 + million people- cities haunts me still. More than that, I feel spectacularly done with being a student, at least at this institution. There is a time to do concrete things, to have a structured lifestyle and to earn $$$$. But first, the prophecy of The Intentional Return shall materialize.

In 14 hours, Marco and I will be on our way to Taipei where we will live with the intriguing host(ess?) Mr. Cindy of the ‘Zebra Apartments Inn’ (leopard sheets are included in the booking fee) for a few nights before we venture to Wulai to bathe in hot- springs. Another stop in Taiwan will be Jiufen which supposedly inspired Spirited Away which makes me have to go to check it out. After Taiwan, China, <3Korea<3 and Japan await us, where we will hopefully couchsurf our way into the hearts of an everyday Japanese family. #STOKED.

Perhaps it's a tad crazy to go on an epic 6 week tour of Asia when there is a thesis (shudders) to write. But then, I'm thinking, just when is it that I'm supposedly going to be able to do this kind of trip, then? When I've gone corporate and work my ass off for The_Man? I may only have 25 years of experience in the field of life, but it's my impression that people generally put off life to an unhealthy extent. There seems to be no end to what young folks are supposed to worry about, in this day and age of uncertainty (and I do my fair share of worrying myself, which I recognize and regret). Yet I feel that the world is still so full of wonders, and I want to be there to see them. If North Korea implodes, it won't wait to do so until I have a day off. The time to be young and experience things is now. The time to write a thesis is… sometime around mid- April.

The passport is locked and loaded: new territories wait to leave their mark.

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