We just missed our flight because we are idiots.

So… Yeah. Headache.
A low point in life. Too much soju last night. Too late last night. Too early today. Grasping the fact that we just missed our check- in to Osaka (by seven minutes) where we are supposed to meet Shannon and Yuki this afternoon. SHIT.

BUT IT WAS SO AWESOME LAST NIGHT!!!!!!! Started off with Korean barbeque (which instantly skyrocketed to a solid position on my top- 5 favourite things to eat- list) where you grill things while strangely and wonderfully making an omelet on the side of the grill. Sort- of chimneys come down from the ceiling to take the smoke from the grill away. It’s so clever and delicious at the same time. At the restaurant, we met three Korean dudes who used to manage hostels in the Hongdae- area. Shared lifestories. Spoke French. Drank beer. Ordered Soju. Perfect start. Marco then became very adamant about fulfilling his dream of eating a live octopus. We got directions from the guys for a good place.
In a picturesque Hongdae- alley, we found a place which served the grossness. Marco was pleased. Nobody in the staff spoke English, so a friendly fella with a vocabulary of ~30 English words from the next table offered to help as Marco gestured that he wanted it as alive as possible but that the mouth should be cut off (otherwise it’s too dangerous, apparently). More Soju. More beer. In came the octopus which was rattling on the plate (picture evidence is coming soon). All of a sudden, we were seated at their table, expressing appreciation for each other and love for traveling and our respective countries. They were musicians, designers and civil servants in their late 20’s/ early 30’s. It’s amazing, isn’t it, how much you can share with people from different cultures despite language barriers, when you travel. At that moment, the love, warmth and respect were propelled by Soju, but real and genuine nevertheless. I felt richer going home yesterday.

Now, however, I feel considerably poorer since I had to fork out money for a new plane ticket a couple of hours later from the original one as we (as stated) missed our check- in by 7 MINUTES!!! OK, fine, we were late, shame on us, but isn’t that a tad too anal?
Had a meltdown an hour ago as I imagined us not only having to buy another ticket, but also missing our appointment with Yuki (whose place we are staying in tonight) and Shannon in Osaka. However, since Yuki is such a massive star, he’ll meet us for sushi and key- exchange tonight instead, despite traveling to Tokyo a few hours later. This is the awesome guy I met at the hostel in Hong Kong more than one year ago, who graciously offered to host me and my two friends in Osaka. Yuki, if you read this, you’re my hero.

Now, a few hours of R&R before boarding the new flight. Jesus…

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